An heirloom investment

All the little details that go into a

beautiful wedding day...

The dress, the rings & flowers,

delicious treats & cake, the decorations,

friends & family gathered around,
the look on his face as he waits for his

bride, she wipes a tear and

walks towards her

'happily ever after'

Every bride deserves

to have someone capturing

these moments with as much

love and attention as she put into it!

I would love to sit down with you,
have a glass of wine, or coffee or tea...
and hear about your dream wedding!
Each couple is different,
with a unique vision for their day.
My Wedding Packages are

completely customized

to suit your needs.

Wedding Packages
start at $1,000

those fleeting moments...

Documenting our life was my

first inspiration when I

began my photography journey...
Those moments that are

captured naturally,

sweet smiles & laughter...

playing dress up & board games
building blanket forts,
box forts

& snow forts
{ I have 5 sons... haha, lots of forts }.
It is my pleasure to be able to

capture these memories
for you & your family
look back on and

treasure for a lifetime.


When a lovely soul steps in

front of my camera,
I want to capture the

beauty that I see, inside & out...
allowing them to really see

themselves through new eyes.
AND have lots of fun along the way.
I have a variety of packages in this style,
including sessions with the added
luxury of having hair & makeup done by a stylist!